52 – weeks Challenge (Saving) – Giving away a Free Template download

So what is the 52 – Weeks Challenge?  – I’ll be giving away a free template with instructions.

This is the number of weeks in which you will need to save money  – per week of the entire year. Are you wishing to have a savings at the end of the year, then this might help.

There’s a lot of ways in which you save money. Whether get an insurance, and pay your insurance depending on your goal and on the terms of payment you’ve chosen. You may also do stocks, open a mutual funds, time deposit, open your own business – earn and save. Or you may want to try this.

This is simple and easy to follow. I have included some instructions in the template, so you may just read and follow to know how to use the template.

I have included 3 columns for your goal, so just choose whether you want to get the 27,560 pesos/dollars or 68,900 pesos/dollars or 137,800 pesos/dollars by the end of the year.


Before you start, please bear in mind that you will need lots and lots of discipline to make sure that you will not touch even a single cent.

Tools you’ll need:

  1. Your computer – To be able to download the template.
  2. Printer – I advised you to print a hard copy file so that you’ll be able to post it somewhere to remind you to save.
  3. Marker / Pen – This is to mark the completed week. Note: Just mark the week right after you dropped the money.

Don’t cheat and Discipline please! 🙂

52-weeks-challenge-savings   << Download the template here 🙂 No Virus. Promise! 😀

Then let’s share our savings at the end of 2017! Happy Savings!! 😀


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