Botejyu – Okonomiyaki

I was alone in the mall, running some things for myself. Then I stumbled upon this restaurant — Botejyu. It’s already my habit to check and read reviews before I try to dine in to a new restaurant. I’ve read that the place caters authentic Japanese foods, specifically for okonomiyaki. With the said “good” reviews, I decided to enter the restaurant. I wasn’t able to take a snapshot of the place, my bad! But it’s a cool place, a little classy, good for  couple date, friends and family date.


When I was given a good seat, as pov, the waiter given me a menu. And since the place is know for okonomoyaki, ofcourse, I scanned through the page of okonomiyaki.

While waiting for my order, these containers caught my eyes. A side full of condiments. Who would want to have an unlimited bonito flakes / okonomoyaki sauce and NORI?! The NORI widen my eyes as usually, I would need to add additional bills for an extra nori. haha!


After 15 mins, my food arrived. Okonomiyaki was served with a separated bowl of rice and kimchi. I guess the server got too excited and cut the food in 4’s.  The egg was half cooked , which I didn’t like because I don’t eat raw eggs.


With that said, because I didn’t like the raw eggs, I showered my food with lots of nori. haha. — As you can see below. I also poured lots of okonomiyaki sauce, which really complements the food — ooohhh so good!! *__*


And if you’ll ask me why it is worth it….


While munching on the okonomiyaki, there were several whole shrimps scattered in my order. Who wouldn’t like that?!


Total Bill:300+

Rate: Oh so good!

Will I come back? Definitely yes! Im craving while Im publishing this post.


Botejyu Philippines
Ground Floor, North Wing,
Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City






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