d-i-y calligraphy dipped inks

During my spare time, or if I feel stressed out, you’ll see me getting a piece of paper, my holder and opening bottles of ink and I’ll start writing.

I’m a self taught calligrapher. I first started to explore calligraphy when my workmate introduce this to us. Of course, because I love diy and wanted to have a diy wedding someday, I decided to start learning calligraphy.

I was almost gave up because, really, it’s so frustrating and not fun — well, at first.

Let’s jump to this day.. So after a year, I’ve already improved. And currently I’m trying to make my own metallic inks.


Picture above shows my diy blue and silver inks. I decided to use a black paper to enhance the metallic effect of the inks. I’m still in the process of exploring and discovering on ways to create a perfect calligraphy ink. So far, Im quite happy with the outcome, but I know there’s still ways to improve the diy inks. These are water based btw. 😀



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