Sparkle 2017 – Name Request

Year 2017 just begun, and I’m quite dealing with issues lately. But still, I’m trying to attract all the positivity in life. And of course, to at least forget the stress, I grabbed my paint and paper, and started to do calligraphy again using my metallic diy ink.

“Year to Sparkle” – I got this phrase from the calligraphy group which I’ve joined since last year. And since I’m making some metallic inks, I find the phrase fits the inks. And also, I want my  2017 to sparkle, I still believe, despite of all the problems, that 2017 is my year.

To make the “Year to sparkle 2017”, I used a paint brush found in our local bookstore and got myself a black paper so that the silver ink will really show.

Did you like this post? Anyone would want their names to be written? I’m accepting name requests FOR FREE. All you have to do is to type in your name/s in the comment section, and I’ll add the names in my future calligraphy post 😀



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