Uber in the Philippines

Uber’s Plate Number. Car: Accent


Last night, we decided to take a cab from QC to Pasay City, so that’s roughly around 20-21KMs away (Less than 200 pesos) And since it’s already nearly 10PM, we decided to just book an Uber since the MRT will be closing at 10PM.

Me and my friend were discussing about what business to open. In the middle of our discussion, our kuya uber interrupted us and joined our discussion.

I guess, my friend enjoyed the conversion because he left his smartphone in the uber car.

So here the story goes.

The phone was set to airplane mode, so we won’t be able to contact the phone. What we did was, we used the option in the uber website to connect with the driver regarding the left phone. At first, he phone wasn’t ringing, so we thought maybe, kuya uber already saw the phone and decided to keep it to himself. After twice attempt, we were able to connect to his phone and aligned where we could meet to get the phone.

To sum it all up, my friend was able to retrieve the phone. We’re so thankful to kuya uber, because he went out of his way to come back to us just to return the phone. I wasn’t able to take a photo of kuya uber, and wasn’t able to ask for his full name, but he’s driving an accent car, with plate number MP1775. He’s a student, an Uber driver during Fridays and Saturdays. Should ever you’ll be booked with him, I’m 1001% sure that you’re in a safe hands. He’s also an automotive student. He also shared some insights and tips if you would want to be an Uber driver. haha! Thank you so much kuya, wherever you are! God will give you more blessings 🙂


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