National Museum (Part 1)

Before my vacation week ends, I decided to visit the Philippine National Museum. I suggest that it is better to go to the museum during weekdays to avoid the crowd during the weekends. But if you are unlucky enough, there’s a possibility that you’ll be touring with some students because of their field trip. I recommend to call the Museum first to know what kind of crowd to expect.

Picture below shows how the National Museum looks like. I really wanted to get the whole place, but the main door is in front of the highway. The guards inside are all friendly. You may ask them questions should you have any concerns. And another good news? The entrance is free. And I’m telling you, the place is well-kept, the place is clean and cool (Air-condition is pretty working well.)


When you enter the front door, a statue of a past president will welcome you. Then you will go to the right side to register your name and leave your bags. You can only bring your phone, money and all your important belongings. And of course, you are not allowed to bring any foods / drink while you’re inside the museum.


What to expect? 

In this building, you will see pure galleries involving the people who completed the history of the Philippines. You will see some works of renowned painters (Juan Luna, Felix Hidalgo.. etc) and famous paintings:

The Assassination of the Governor Bustamante:


The famous Spolarivm


Some works of the renowned painters in the Philippines:








There’s also a room gallery for the sketches / drafts made by the painters. — These are pretty amazing 😀




There’s also a room for sculptures:



Touring in the National Museum is pretty amazing. If ever you’ll be in Manila, give time to visit the museum. 2-4 hours is enough to tour the National Museum. If you appreciate arts, if you enjoy looking through paintings, then this is a perfect place for you to check out.


There are plenty of ways for you to reach National Museum.

  1. You can take the LRT and go down to UN avenue, then you make take sidecar or tricycle and ask kuya to send you National Museum.
  2. (Easier way) – Book an Uber to National Museum.

For more information regarding the museum, you may refer to the picture below. I have also toured Museum of the Filipino People, it will be posted separately.0-02-06-6e23618fd4b862d0823484692cdf9f86997c33d39c389ba3e89c5cbfaa888f89_full.jpg


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