Mask Haul: Lee JiHam, Benton, Tony Moly, Naruko

Im in my mid 20’s, always sleeping late due to the demand of my work. Stress here and there. Pollution here and there. Who wouldn’t want to grow young? I know that I needed to take triple care of my skin.

I decided to haul some masks and kproducts as the companies claimed a very promising results. I’ve also had some research about which product to use for oily+combination / sensitive skin.

I ordered Benton and Lee Jiham from The Skin Curator. They also give freebies. The cosrx samples and the ljh tea tree 90 essence are given to me as freebies. I was actually thinking of buying the full bottle of benton snail bee high content and ljh Vita Propolis but these two are often sold out. Better luck next time!

I also bought Naruko tea tree mask from our local department store as I’ve been hearing good reviews about this as well. So might spend a dollar for each sheet to try it first hand.

Tony Moly Purness100 Snail Mask Sheet is my to go sheet. I have tested this plenty of times that’s why I decided to repurchase.

Tony Moly Pureness 100 Propolis Mask Sheet – I bought this because of the word “propolis”, that’s it. I hope this wont fail me.


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