Review: Petitfee Eye Patch

Im in my journey for a look out for an effective product to ease my eye problems: eye puffiness and dark under eyes. 

While Im browsing the net, this product caught my attention because of the gold bits in the eye patch. I though the golds are included in the serum, but I was wrong haha. The golds bits are only embedded in the eye patch.  

Here’s how the product looks like:

It’s a black patch, with glittery gold. And no, it doesn’t leave any black color or gold residue on your skin. 

Attaching the picture description from Althea since this is the site where I ordered the product. 

Things I love about the eye patch: 

  1. It has a cooling effect. I store this is the fridge for more cooling effect. I can feel that my skin is more relaxed. 
  2. It doesn’t sting. It’s gentle on my skin.
  3. After weeks of using, no bumps occurred on my face. (Some of the products I used gives me these little bumps).
  4. It smells great! 
  5. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t stain my skin.
  6. Good for everyday use.

What I dont like about the product:

  1. The serum dries out quickly. I mean, on the container itself. 

Excuse my eyebrows, ladies. I haven’t have much time to go to the salon. Haha. Picture below shows the patch on my eye. I do this every morning, after I wake up and leave the patch attached on my under eyes for 30 mins, then I will rinse it with facial soap. At times, I just attach the patch and go back to sleep. You can’t blame me on that, the eye patch is very relaxing.

Even if I slept late, from the looks of my eyes (see below), I think the patch make my under eye brighter. 

Will I repurchase? YES 🙂 



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