Run : RFPilipinas run 2017 – 16km 

Been running for almost 2 year now, 1 yr for 10km, and another year for 21km. Now, I’ve been wanting to finish my first marathon this year, that’s why Ive been doing my training for the past couple of days. 

Last Sunday, I joined RFPilipinas run, which was held behind the CCP complex. The event is small, and despite the fact that it’s small, the organizers wasn’t able to start the run at the exact time. Time is important to me as it’s hot here in the Philippines. Better to cross the finish line before 7am to avoid the heat of the sun. 

The run started around 5:10~5:15, when it should be starting at 5. 

All through out the course, I was able to keep my 7-6:30 pace. Just had an issue running on a ramp. Anyway, I was able to beat my PR, and crossed the finish line strong and here’s my medal. One big worth it medal! 

Now I realized how important it is to do your trainings. Run, core exercises, whole body exercises, and mental exercise. And it’s really important to do extra care with your body when you’ve chosen to run long distances. 

Another highlight of my last Sunday’s run, is the beautiful view across the finish line. 

But wait, wait you turn around, you’ll be seeing lots of buildings and cars. 😂 

Excited for my next run! I’ll keep on training. I’m stil thinking if I were to join this year’s NatGeo run. 


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