[REVIEW] Sunblock: VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Face cover 45

It’s not only gentle, and hypoallergenic, but It’s also great in lightening your skin.

I’m quite hesitant in trying the VMVhypoallergenics sunblock because it’s a cream based sunblock, which means, it’s a big no no since I have an oily skin. But since I felt like I’m out of choice, I bought the sunblock since the sales lady looks like 1001% sure that it won’t cause any breakouts.

After almost a year of using the sunblock,  here’s my verdict.

Skin type: Oily + combination (oily on tzone, and normal on the other parts), acne-prone, sensitive skin.


  1. When I bought the sunblock, I just came from a travel escapade, beach (bikini), water activities (rash guard), island hopping + water activities (rash guard). Given those, the color of my skin on my face is different from the color of my body. That’s why I was looking for a sunblock that could easily bring back the color of my face. And yes, this sunblock does so. My skin returned to the normal color within 1 month of using the product.
  2. I have a sensitive, acne prone skin. It means that, using cream based is risky at it is prone in clogging the pores. But no, it didn’t. My face and the sunblock felt like besties!
  3. Imagine, I’m in a tropical country, and I love joining running events. I usually reach the finish line between 7:00 and 7:30. The sun is already out, and it’s really hot. I am sweating and all. But no again, the sunblock didn’t give me breakouts.
  4. Regarding the smell, no awful smell.



  1. It’s expensive. It cost me more than 1000 pesos, it’s more than 20$. But hey, I’ve been using it for already a year and I haven’t finished the tube.
  2. I find it sticky when it’s hot. I think it’s already given as the sunblock is cream based.
  3. My face gets super shiny because I have an oily skin. I just bring some tissues and oil blotters with me specially if I won’t be staying in an air-conditioned room.


Will I repurchase? Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends if I’ve found a better sunblock.


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