[Haul] The First, Sulwhasoo, CosRX

When you want to try a product, and you see that the tag will cost you too much, you’d find a cheaper alternative. And here’s the alternative I’ve discovered: Product testers.

In the Philippines, tester price ranges from 12 php to 95 php. Some of them exceeds 100 php or 2$. But I think it’s better to spend 100 php instead of 3000php (60$) to see if your skin will love the product.

I’ve been applying a lot on my face, leaving my eyes empty. That’s why I decided to grab some high-end eye creams known in Korea – Sulwhasoo, and The First.

I’ve also purchased CosRX snail 96 mucin powder essence. I’ve been hearing a lot of good feedbacks about this. However, Im not sure how my skin will react with “snail” products, that’s why I decided to try first. Im planning to incorporate the snail essence in the morning, as Im using the Klair’s blue cream at night. 

I’ve only opened the Sulwhasoo Time treasure renovating eye cream ex. Here’s my initial verdict: 

Sulwhasoo Time Treasure Renovating Eye Cream EX. 

Just started to use this cream, Im on my 2nd day btw. As for my initial review, it’s a cream, but not creamy-oily. The smell is on a woody side, with a hint of medicine scent. It glides and spreads quickly on my skin. So far, so good. No sign of irritation, and no milia yet. It moisturizes the skin around my eyes, with a brightening effect. 


Let me know if you’ve tried, at any chance, the products I bought. It will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! ❤


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