Heavenly Hot Mug

Rainy morning is best partnered with a hot mug. Mccafe is just around the corner, and it’s only up to this day when I’ve learned that it is all over Asia, I thought it’s only located here in the Philippines .

I’ve been a fan of McDonalds because of their ice cream. It’s the kind of sweets which Filipinos love because of the high temperature weather. Little did I know that McDonals is affiliated with McCafe (You’re free to comment if this is incorrect).

There’s a newly opened theatre in BGC, with McCafe. We went there to roam around the place, unfortunately, it rained hard. Sudden and unplanned, we just stayed inside the coffee shop. The coffee shop is cozy, but only provides snacks, breads to be exact.

I ordered Chicken Pesto Panini and Hot Choco.

Their hot choco is quite pricey as compared to the chocolate being sold in Mcdonalds. Why am I compare the two? Because the taste is the same. Just that in Mcdonalds, it’s a lot sweeter. The cup presentation is great, with a heart shaped made of sugar, and the mouth of the mug was covered with sugar. Maybe that’s the reason why it’s a bit expensive (P120 – small mug).

The chicken pesto is delicious. I love pesto so I appreciate the pesto > chicken. 🙂

Feel a need to relax and read a book? Or chat with your girlfriends? You may head out to McCafe. Their staffs are super accommodating, and they will welcomed you with a great big smile.


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