[REVIEW] Deja Poo 

“The feeling that you’ve done this before. Only this time, it smells better” – Keeva Essentials. 

A tag line which catches every toilet-conscious people who wishes to, as much as possible, leave their only trace inside the throne. And leave like nothing happened – and yes *raising my hands up*, ME – GUILTY. 🤣

Keeva Essentials had a very wise idea of coming up such magical potion. The packaging is a spritz-spray, thick plastic container, with a classy, chiq design that looks more a lot like a perfume. It’s very handy, thus, making the product travel friendly. 

A detailed instruction has been included in the container.

The product expiry date has also been included as well.

I got the mint scent, a subtle mint which reminds me the scent of tic tac mints. Just imagine how my p😍 smells like. 

Verdict: The product is VERY EFFECTIVE, and very worth it for the price at P235. But I got it on sale for around P170+. 

If interested, you may check them at their instagram account Keeva Essentials


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