Klair’s freshly Juiced Vitamin C

One of the best product in the market. However, this is the only product which I’ve used to have the shortest life span.

I bought this bottle last may, and to my dismay, I just noticed this August (after not using for the whole July) that it’s already oxidized. To count it down, that was only 4 months and I haven’t half-used the product. If you’d be wondering on how I stored the product, I always ensure to store it back in it’s box, and put it in a dark part of my dresser cabinet, and my room is always cold. It got me thinking if that’s the usual life span of vitamin C serum? (Appreciate your comments below)

Oxidized klairs product below.

Despite of the change in its color, I still tried to use it on my face since I thought maybe the product is still safe to use and will just have a lesser effectivity.

But, please, don’t do it. My skin broke badly. At first, I didn’t think that the product caused it. And when I decided to put it on again – for the 2nd night, I got a new zit the next day.

I’m so sad since the product is quite pricey. And didn’t see that it would only last for 4 months (got mine last May 2017). And I know I’ve stored it as how it was instructed.

Now, Im still thinking of ways on how can I use it. Of course, not on my face. Maybe anyone of you also encountered the same thing, would really appreciate your inputs/comments/suggestions.




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