Maxicare Run 2017

I run not because I need, but instead, I run because I love to.

I’ve been running for 2 years already and I think I should be sharing each and every event.

As for this post, this was sponsored by Maxicare, one of the leading health care provider in the Philippines. This is one of the common HMO being tied up in most of the company here in the Philippines. And for that, I decided to join because I feel like the runners will be safe.

Just to set things straight, here in the Philippines, not all events are the same. Not all events have the same organizers, thus, making everything different. From loot bags, to water stands, sports drink stands. Some of them are generous enough to provide wet cold sponges and bananas at the mark of 16k, some of them gives energy boost gels, menthols sprays for the legs, and ambulance stands. Unfortunately, some of the organizers lacks these. There are some events which lacks water stands, and ambulance.

And thankfully, I had fun running this event, event if I only took the 10km. Maxicare Run details — all event details are posted here. The route has different elevation level, and making it a good taper run.

Overall, I didn’t have any negative experience. I intentionally left my earphones at home, and I still enjoyed my run. Sadly, I wasn’t able to beat my PR. But hey! It wasn’t that bad after all. 😊

Here are some of our pictures after the event. (I dont take pictures during the run).

But lucky enough, a photographer took a photo of me along the road.

Here we are (me and my running buddies), at the runner’s village, just after claiming our finisher’s loots. Showing our finisher medals!

Photo below is my mandatory selfie with the maxicare mascot ❤️


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